Easy Cucumber Dill Salad

Cucumbers are a staple in my house, its that one veggie that we all love. The kids enjoy them for snacks with a little salt and I add them to a lot of my mixed salads. One of my favourite ways to serve cucumber salad is with a little dill, salt, pepper and a simple olive oil and red wine vinegar salad dressing.

This salad is so simple I’m sure you’ll be making this at least once a week for your self or for your family

Ingredients                      Serving 2-4 people         Prep time 15mins

1 English Cucumber

1/4 cup of thinly sliced Red onions

1/2 tps of sugar

1/3 cup of chopped Fresh Dill

1/2 tps kosher Salt

1/2 tps Cracked pepper

Salad spices of your choice I used Kanels Stockholm Lemon and dill


In bowl slice cucumbers to you preferred size. I used a mandolin because it cuts evenly to the size I want and goes much faster I like to dry my cucumbers a little with a paper towel to avoid soggy cucumbers. I do this because they are so filled with water and I want to prevent my salad from being too soggy. Next add some red onions and chopped fresh Dill. Add spices. Then add dressing and voila. I also Like to add some Kanel Spices stockholm and dill for extra flavour.


In a separate bowl combine 0il vinegar and spices whisk all together. Pour over cucumbers and coat cucumbers evenly


Super easy and tasteful.

Happy Salading