If you’re into beauty, wellness, lifestyle, and quick recipes then you’re in for a treat. My blog contains over a 100 blogs that will inspire you to, eat well, live well and trust the process. My blogs will share my journey to living a more healthier, and fuller life. I hope you join this journey with me.

Beauty is so much more than skin care and products as much as I love trying and creating skin routines, I don’t want anyone to forget that no one is perfect and beauty comes from within. This section of the Blog will discuss all my favourite products and minor procedures that has helped me to love myself more and explore what’s out there.

Being a mom of three little ones I realized how important it is to have healthy but fun meals and snacks. My love for salads has grown even more since college and not for budgeting purposes. Salad are so easy and customizable and if done correctly can have great health and wellness benefits. Born into a Caribbean family, a lot of our dishes contain starch on top of starch and lots of oil. I will be putting a spin on some of my favourite recipes and customizing them to be more on the healthier nutritional side. If you love spice and enjoy new recipes this section of my blog will be fun for you.


Life is all about what you make it. Here is a snippet into my life including my family and friends and the things we love to do to make our life more wholesome.

Wellness, in my opinion consists of 3 major topics Spiritual, Physical and Social. This section of my blog will include healthy tips on how to make wellness fun and less stressful. There is so much information out there on what we should and shouldn’t be doing. The amount of information that is available can be so confusing. I hope my tips and tricks can help you adopt some healthier options without feeling confused and pressured.

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