My Favourite Beauty podcasts

One of the ways I love learning about the latest beauty products is by listening to pod cast. In the last 2 months I’ve learned so much and discovered some amazing products, their history, formulation,  and stories. As much as I love scrolling on my phone and reading, there is just something about listening to a person voice that delivers their passion more direct.

For me its all about learning and discovering and sharing the best with my online community. Not all the products I recommend will work for you, but having an idea and researching for yourself what I recommend is the essence of finding what works for you. Before I buy any product or even if I’m gifted a product I do spend sometime researching and reading real reviews before I buy or try.

Here is a list of Beauty and Wellness Podcasts that are teaching me so much in the space of Beauty and Wellness


Naked Beauty By: Brooke Devard

On Reflection Beauty By: Fummi Fetto

The Dream Bigger By Siff Haider

The Beauty Vanguard By: Nyakio Grieco and Melissa Magsaysay

Breaking beauty By: Carlene and Jill

The True Beauty Brooklyn By Elizabeth Taylor and Alex Shapiro


Hope you’ll Find a Beauty podcast that will resinate with you

Happy Podcasting!

*All Images were found on Google*