My 5 must have Kitchen Tools for Salads

Im sure many of you are aware by now how much I love salads. I’ve heard many people say they love salads, but the prep is annoying. Today I’m sharing with you all my favourite kitchen must haves to make salad preparation easy.


Herb Scissors are a game changer, if you love adding fresh herbs to your salad like me then these scissors will save to Minutes on chopping.

These Lilly pad silicone suction covers are amazing! perfect for covering prepped salads that are not in containers. They come in different sizes I have two, one at 11″ and the other at 6″. The 11” covers a large salad bowl and the 6” covers soup bowl size/


The mandolin cutter has to be one of my favourite kitchen tools overall. Perfect for slicing cucumbers, onions, carrots, potatoes and more. I love the Mandolin especially for onions less tears.

The Ricardo Containers are amazing and worth every penny. I use the large one to store my freshly washed lettuce and I use the smaller ones for berries, baby carrots, radishes etc.

Last but not least, good Cutting knifes are important. every tired to cut a soft tomato with a dull knife? doesn’t work well. It doesn’t matter what brand or where you buy them from having good kitchen knives that cut well is important.