Brazilian Sculpting and Drainage Massage


For about a year now, Ive been wanting to to try the most talked about massage in 2022 which was the Brazilian Sculpting Lymphatic drainage massage.

There is a huge difference if  having a Brazilian massage vs a Swedish or deep tissue massage. what’s the difference? well in my opinion it’s all about the tools being used in the massage. During a Brazilian massage your massage therapist will use a variation of wooden tools. The entire purpose of this massage is completely for health benefits. This deep style tissue massage is to promote the drainage of the lymphatic system.

There is an excellent podcast episode on the Dream bigger podcast by: Siffat Hader speaking with Rebecca Faria a Brazilian lymphatic drainage expert. Faria speaks on how this type massage is so beneficial especially if you are dealing with issue like water retention, bloating, swelling. I love how she explains how this type of massage is apart of the Brazilian culture and encouraged by doctors and the government to have this technique done. Faria explains that almost everyone does it in Brazil as of the age of 15

On my visit I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. The massage was done in parts, first starting laying on my back then she started on my legs, then stomach. The stomach massage was the most interesting part for me because I’ve never had my stomach massaged. Then we moved to the arms and shoulders then back of the legs and ending with back. On a scale of 1-10 10 being most painful, I’d say the pain was a 6.

I hope you enjoyed this blog on my Brazilian massage

Yours truly,