Why you should consider switching to a natural Deodoarant

For the longest time Ive been hearing that our generic deodorants can be doing more harm to our bodies then good. The underarm, area is so sensitive let alone to be putting chemicals there. Many re searchers have found that deodorants and antiperspirants that contain aluminum can be harmful if an excessive amount is leaked into the breast tissues. A¬†physician at Penn Family Medicine in Phoenixville, Dr. Chan explained, “Too much aluminum in your body can cause bone diseases or dementia.

Not only do the average deodorants have aluminum but also parabens. We are all, well aware that parabens are bad once they enter into the body. One of the ways that parabens are harmful is that once entered into the body they can act as estrogen and there was studies that linked the higher amount of estrogen in a lifetime can be linked to cancer.

On my journey to eat better, live better, and live a healthier life I’ve been trying to find ways to make sure what I put and apply on my body is as natural and healthy as possible. It was really difficult in terms of deodorant because all I knew was generic brands and the rumours about natural deodorant not working was discouraging. No one wants to be the person at work or the gym with bad odour.

here are my list of natural deodorants I’ve tried so far that have worked for me

Briogeo B.Well Tea tree + Eucalyptus Clean Natural Deodorants

Agent Nageur Holi Stick N3 deodorant

Salt and Stone

Kopari Natural Aluminum – free Coconut Deodorant


I hope you make the switch me to natural deodorant


happy Deodorantting!