Holy Grail Skin Tint

If your following me on Instagram you may be aware that I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect skin tint. I think I found it…

Since taking my skincare regime so seriously, I wear less makeup. I still wanted a little coverage so the hunt for a skin tint was on. What is a skin tint you ask? Skin tints are a lightweight formula, formulated to give the skin light coverage. It’s more like a veil to minimally hide a bride. With such a lightweight formula there is no need to actually use a brush or sponge for application nor do you need to worry about setting powders or having to worry about caking.

I’ve tried 5 skin tints, while I know it may not seem like many but its quite a bit to try and compare. From all of the skin tints I’ve tried The Summer Fridays Sheer skin tint with Hyaluronic acid is A FAV . There is something about this formula that is so smooth, hydrating, and very lightweight that makes it so lovely for everyday. What I appreciate about this product is that it also a skin care product as well with the added Hyaluronic Acid. As you may know Hyaluronic as an AHA that is hydrating and plumping also helps your skin to retain moisture.

Ive been using this tint for 3 months and I love it. I will be contenting to use it because when I started using it, it was the fall so I’d like to see how it wears in the summer.


Happy Skin Tinting!