Why sunscreen is important spotlighting my 3 Favs

Growing up I was never taught to use sunscreen. With immigrant parents from the islands sunscreen was not a thing that we practiced. The Sun provides an excellent source of Vitamin D and is actually the best way to to take in the vitamin. It is said that as little as 15 mins can provide you with the vitamin you need for the day. Something so powerful has to come with some sort of negative impact if abused over a long period of time. The UV (ultra violet) Radiation that is emitted from the sun can cause types of skin cancer (there are 3) which is why sunscreen is important. Too much exposure and sun burns is unhealthy for your skin and can leave you with sun spots and early signs of aging. Too much exposure can lead to moles or lesions that can develop in cancerous cells. 

Being Dark skinned it was really hard to find sunscreen that does not leave a white film or has an awful smell. Why I started using sun screen was to protect myself and teach my kids proper our door safety when it comes to protecting their bodies. looking back on some old photos was not pleasant walking around with white streaks or what looked like dry skin. Not giving up and trying different ones I found 3 that does the trick me and my family. 

  Dermalogica’s Prisma Protect 30

I know the spf 30 is not the highest but I love the feel smell and after look of applying this especially to my face. Prisma is not sticky and does not leave any why streaks. 


Josie Maran’s  Argan Daily Moisturizer spf 47

This Spf is a little higher than Prisma and I use this one on the kids especially on days where I know we will be out in the sun much longer then normal.

Beauty Counter Countersun Mineral Spf 30 Water resistant

I love this Spf 30 because it blends really well and doesn’t leave a white cast. I also love it because it is water resistant so perfect for water day activities for the kids. What really got me using this one daily is the fact that it doesn’t have a strong scent


Hope you find your go to sunscreen


Happy Sunscreening!