Our Weekly meal plan for Dinner

I never use to meal plan until after the third kid. I was the Queen of winging it. With a full time Job and managing the household a meal plan quickly formed without me even being aware of it. I try to make meals that are quick and healthy. Every meal must have a side of veggies because it’s important for me to teach my kids healthy eating.

There are days when I do not feel like cooking but I reserve those times for the weekend. Here is an overview of our weekly meals. Meals do get switched up from time to time but this is a schedule that I rely on when I’m not feeling spontaneous. ¬†Please keep in mind that all meals are cooked in Caribbean fusion. Sundays are reserved for either traditional Jamaican or Haitian Meals.

ps. Everything has a side of pikliz and fresh Herbs for my blog on my 5 Favourite Fresh Herbs click here

Happy Meal Planning