Fresh Herbs I cannot live without

I grew up on one type of Fresh herb which was Thyme, Thyme is a staple herb used in Jamaican/Caribbean cuisine. We use it in everything, steam fish, stew chicken, steak, Kalaloo, rice, etc. Once I started working in a restaurant my taste pallet was opened up to different herbs which have now become my staples in the Kitchen.

Many people are unaware of how much vitamins and proteins and minerals are packed into fresh herbs. If you’re unsure how to start adding fresh herbs to your diet a great way to start is by incorporating them is by adding them to your salads, steam or stir fried veggies. I add my herbs to my salads everyday.







These 5 fresh herbs are staples on my grocery. Each on its own provides bites of flavour and when combined, creates wonders for your taste buds.

I would Love to for you to share with me in the comments which herbs you can’t live without.

Happy Herbing