Natural Bloat Remedy from Arrae

Have you ever felt bloated? I know I have

Bloating is such a common issue. It occurs when your abdomen feels really tight and uncomfortable like you ate way too much. Bloating is a result of a build up of gas and air (short description). There are foods like the famous Pizza that is a known bloat causer. Some amazing natural remedies that i’ve used treat bloating has been ginger, mint and green tea.

Arrae is a Canadian company that offers a bloat formula with a mixture of 6 natural herbs that will aid your digestive system.



Lemon Balm

Ginger Root

Slippery Elm



I’ve been taking Bloat for about 3 months now and I have to say Its too legit to quit. I don’t take everyday I take 2 when I know I’ve indulged or ate too late. I hope you try and let me know your thoughts

Happy Arraeing

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