My reading list for 2022

One of my New year resolutions last year 2021 was to read more. I accomplished that goal and want to keep the momentum up for this year 2022. After listening to some podcast and researching I’ve formulated my reading list for 2022. I wanted to share my list with you all in case you were looking for a new book. 

Reading has so many great benefits for the mind, body and soul. Last year with the selection of books I read, I learn’t so much. I found that reading and getting into a good book reduced my screen time, relaxed me before bed and opened my imagination.


  1. The power of Now
  2. Becoming Supernatural
  3. Badass Habits
  4. The Success code
  5. Think and grow rich
  6. The Untethered Soul
  7. The Body keeps score
  8. On girlhood
  9. I will Teach you to be Rich  
  10. Set boundaries and find peace
  11. Brand story telling
  12. Invisible influence
  13. Everyday Magic


Happy Reading