Prosecco with Blended Berries

Prosecco with blended berries is the perfect and simple drink to serve for a New Year’s Brunch or a bridal shower. Serve this delicious drink with a nice cheese board or some baked, and voilà you have the perfect brunch! 

Blended Berries



Simply freeze your assorted berries for a few hours or overnight. I used raspberries and blackberries. Blend them until you reach the consistency you like. I like to taste the pieces of berries so I left them a bit chunky. If you do not like seeds try choosing anther berry like Blueberry. 

Blended Berries

Afterwards, place the berries in a pitcher and pour the prosecco of choice. Best served chill. I like to use Lamarca because it is light and airy.  Avoid very sweet prosecco; the berries are already so sweet and delicious! 

There you go! Kir Royal style but better! 









Happy Drinking!