Activia Yogurt parfait Simple recipe



My go too Activia Yogurt Parfait simple recipe

Activia has always been one of my favourite yogurts. Yogurts are a great and healthy snack especially for us working moms on the go all the time. Reasonably priced and with a variety of flavours you can’t go wrong with a yogurt for a quick snack. Filled with BL regularis which helps you to be regular.

My 2 year old LOVES yogurt even though he calls it GOGURT. I love the fact that I can also buy a large portion and make parfaits at home which makes for a great snack.

This recipe is super simple and customizable.


Ingredients For Activia Yogurt Parfait

ACTIVIA plain yogurt or Vanilla flavoured

4 Large strawberries

Granola Sweetened with honey or plain

1 TBSP Dark chocolate chips



Instructions for Activia Parfait

In a 11oz Glass put a 1/2 cup of yogurt

Then place 1/3 cup of Granola

Top off With strawberries and chocolate chips

As I said Making a yogurt parfaits are really easy to make and customizable to your taste, you can top of with any fruit of your choice and can replace the dark chocolate chips with milk or white.





Happy Parfaing!



Happy eating!