Drink night Twisted Lemonade Recipe

Drink Twisted Lemonade 

Drink night for me usually consist of a bottle of Jacob creeks Moscato. Before having  children I was the ultimate mixer, but with limited time and I don’t usually let my children see me drink I have to come up with fast cocktail recipes. The other night I created what I like to call Twisted Lemonade. Super simple and you can customize this recipe to your taste.



Drink Recipe

first I made a pitcher of my home made lemonade, you can buy ready made lemonade but for me I find every store brand lemonade is filled with tons of sugars.

In a 9oz wine glass I add 

1/2 cup of Fragoli strawberry liqueur

1 cup of lemonade

and a dash of sprite or soda water

Garnish with a twist of lemon or lime and a mint leaf

Happy Drinking!

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