Pink Hot Chocolate Recipe. Winter warm beverage.


pink hot chocolate

Pink Hot Chocolate is easy to make and delicious to drink, Holiday time calls for Warm blankets and Hot Beverages.

Growing up my mom made the best Hot Chocolate!

when I had my daughter I wanted to make my mother’s hot chocolate exactly the way she made it, but of course I couldn’t duplicate so I had to come up with my own version. My daughter has a sweet tooth like you wouldn’t believe. So every now and then I just add a little whip cream, and sprinkles and voila!








1 Tbsp Nesquick Strawberry syrup

1 cup of 2% Milk (can be substituted for Almond milk)

Whip Cream

Sprinkles of your choice




Pink Hot Chocolate Recipe

Warm one cup of milk then add your Tbsp of chocolate syrup

Then add your whip cream and sprinkles

Then Drink!


Happy Drinking!